Saturday, October 1, 2011


I know I've been away for quite some time but I'd like to thank those of you who stuck with me and kept reading my articles. As a sort of a thanks I'd like to refer anyone and everyone to possibly the best piece of freeware on the Internet--Dropbox.

It'll save your life, I promise.

Dropbox is a file-storage program that you can access anywhere, anytime you are connected to the Internet. You start out with roughly 2 gigs of storage (plenty unless you're trying to store movies!) and you can upgrade for far more. 

I haven't used a flash drive or a CD (God forbid) since I downloaded this. It even has a mobile app that lets you see your files on the go. As a college student, I find this indispensable because I can easily see my professors' syllabi and classwork minutes before or even in class without having to carry around a binder full of papers. I can also take notes on a netbook and when I get home to my desktop, they'll be in a folder--easily accessible.

Dropbox is free to use unless you upgrade. Clicking on this link below will also grant you an extra 250mb of space over the 2gigs. Sign up today-- it's free, useful, and quite small of a download. Just click the link below. Or, if you don't believe me (as a precaution for spam/adware, etc), contact me on Facebook/Gmail and I'll send you the referral.

(or copy the link below & paste if the above doesn't work)

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