Monday, May 16, 2011

Teardrop in a Waterfall

         Today, I decided to get on this blogging bandwagon for the first time. I've been pretty tech-savvy all my life, but I never extended my view to this interesting and diverse new world. In a way, I'm excited. There's so many options, so much I could write about, but you know what they say--reality is stranger than fiction. And that's the material I suppose I'll discuss first--it's kinda relevant to us all. So, a quick rundown of my thoughts and what events occurred in my seemingly insignificant (but highly important to yours truly) life today.

  • My fiancé and I got into a wreck today (a small fender-bender) because those wonderful Asian drivers love to drive 15 in a 35 and stop suddenly. Her war-torn Ford Fiesta was towed away, undrivable, while their SUV drove off with a couple scratches. They refused to give us their insurance information until the police showed up an hour later, and barely spoke any English.. fun stuff. A picture (it's not the best) of the damage.. 
As you can tell, the fender is practically coming off and the hood is all bent up.
Her car was leaking radiator fluid and smoke came out of the vents for a moment. 

  • Had to fill out paperwork for a couple hours for a new job as a data processing intern--perhaps a sign of times to come? Then I found out that they couldn't process any of it until they received a second form of ID. They also couldn't administer the state-required drug test on site.. had to wait for an hour at a clinic for a 5 minute test.
  • Reorganized my small room into something that I can actually be happy in... feng shui is present now! 
  • Watched the season finale of Chuck and Castle. Surprises in both, but I was amused by Morgan getting the Intercept uploaded, Chuck on a superbike, and other entertaining shows. I don't watch TV often, but I have my old favorites that I'm glad I can come back to.
  • Also reorganized my computer--Rocketdock ( is an amazing application, along with Rainmeter ( you are adept with computers and want to have something other than a typical bland desktop. Got rid of that old yucky IE9-- went with Chrome (or Firefox) for better speed in the interwebs dept. Here's a preview of my desktop... quite minimalist. 

    Well, this newfangled blogging apparatus seems to be working out quite well--I think I'm addicted already. Hope y'all enjoyed my rambling.. I promise I won't post too often. 

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