Thursday, January 12, 2012

League of Legends Music

I recently discovered how to change the music for League of Legends--this applies to log-in screen and character select music only, not in-game--yet. It's pretty easy.

  1. Find the Ambient folder in your League of Legends game folders-- my path was C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\assets\sounds                                                        
  2. Rename the files with a .orig after the original name so you don't misplace it.
  3. Copy the music files you wish to play to this folder. You'll need to rename them to the exact name that corresponds to the music type--ie. ChmpSlct_BlindPick for the Blind Pick (Normal, non-draft) games; or ChmpSlct_DraftMode for Draft, etc.
  4. If anyone can figure out which of their provided tracks are the in-game music, please let me know-- that'd be awesome. 
  5. I suggest you close and reopen the League client to ensure that the changes take effect.
Here's some examples of music I chose to create playlists from--Amon Amarth CompilationDelight and Angers InstrumentalLeague of Legends MetalOblivion ThemeHalo Theme
(all music belongs to their respective artists)

Let me know how this works out.

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